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SAP Key Products


Maximize business processes efficiency, accuracy and in turn profitability.


Improve the efficiency of order fulfillment, reduce manufacturing errors, and lower cost of procurement.

SAP SuccessFactors HCM
SAP SuccessFactors HCM

Enable individual employees to manage HR related activities.

SAP Ariba
SAP Ariba

An e-procurement & Supply Chain Solutions enhances the whole procurement process from source to pay. It can reduce leakage, increase speed, and strengthen control overspending.

SAP Business By Design
SAP Business By Design

Streamlined for Mid-Market Companies in HK and their subsidiary branches with ERP Cloud-based Solution.

SAP Finance
SAP Finance

Allow to improve the accuracy of cost analysis, it can help to increase efficiency and revenue.


User-friendly technologies assist across sales, marketing, commerce, and services to deliver an engaging and trusted experience for your customers.

SAP Analysis
SAP Analysis

Enhance business agility and allow you to easily discover and share business insights that can help you make better business decisions.

SAP Fiori
SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is the UX of the Intelligent Enterprise that changes the way you work. It equips designers and developers with a set of tools and guidelines to create apps for any platform faster than ever, providing a consistent, innovative experience for both creators and users.

SAP Key Benefits

Streamline your processes

SAP solutions give everyone across the single source of truth to communicate insights quickly and turn insight into action in real-time

Make better decision

Facilitate the flow of real-time information across departments and generate a report on profitability and margin information down to the customer and product level, SAP ERP helps to make data-driven business decisions and can improve operational performance.

Automate core process

Build sustainable growth by systematizing the fundamental aspects of your business to increase operational efficiencies and reduce errors.

Boost productivity and increase profit margins

Improve employee productivity with a highly usable interface and role-based features. Managers can leverage analytical, prebuilt reports to gain new levels of transparency and focus on its own business easily.

Reduce purchasing costs

Control procurement spends by optimizing inventory levels and consolidating shipments.

Manage suppliers strategically

Boost customer and supplier satisfaction by supporting better supply chain practices.